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Frequently the Friday or Saturday night of a convention dictates that you wear your most beautiful outfits... the ones that are satin or lacey or trimmed in silver or gold.  These are the outfits I save for those special occasions.


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cop6.jpg (57037 bytes) cop3.jpg (21348 bytes) Copper and Navy
Reversible crinkle fabric. Three tiered skirt with a matching top, and a reversible jacket that ties in front.
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19.jpg (66145 bytes) Pink lace with bow in the front and open back with a bow across.
sd-sat1.jpg (33005 bytes) Off-white satin & organza. Two tiers of ruffles, the top one sweeping to the left waist and finished with a bow.
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bg.jpg (24183 bytes) bh.jpg (55349 bytes) When my brother, a full-time caller, got married the first time, they had a square dance reception.  I designed a square dance wedding dress for Andree.  Lovely polka dot texture white with  lace.
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