Featured:  Adult Sissy pink DK-style dress with matching doll dress. Custom.

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"Birthday Surprise"
by UniKaren Designs

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Fabric:  Pretty, feminine 100% washable cotton pink abstract print, combined with white eyelet, and white lining.

This outfit was designed along the look of the classic children's dress by Daisy Kingdom (tm).   The skirt length is below the knee. While border prints are extremely difficult to find, the skirt has flat lace trim along the bottom to entice the eye to look for a design there.  Flat white lace is sewn to the bottom of the overskirt, and hangs just over the seam of where the ruffled eyelet-type lace is sewn on the hem.

The overskirt is heavily hand pleated at the waist to give a professional finish.  The underskirt is pleated and sewn on at the waist as well, and is comprised of white lining finished with a beautiful white eyelet wide border scalloped edge to create the illusion of a full eyelet skirt beneath.  This lightweight lining and trim removes the weight that would have been bulky with a true eyelet fabric, and as well as removing the heaviness, leaves a soft, smooth, silky feel of the underskirt to fall against the legs.

The flat "little girl" style bodice is made of white eyelet for innocence, and has a mock bib in the pink cotton print. The bodice strips and bib are sewn to the base, and the extra wide ruffles are stitched on the outside edge of the 'strap'.  The ruffles have pretty pink flat lace along the outer edge and white flat lace along the inside edge, and are attached with two different laces. The wider lace matches the skirt hem, and the additional lace gives it a nice finish, and a narrow baby pink ribbon finishes the entire look.

Peter Pan collar is made from the eyelet fabric and lined.  Sandwiched between the two layers is a double ruffled satin-over-nylon white lace.

Side sashes stem from the side seams and tie into a bow over the center back zipper.

Full pouffy sleeves are elasticized for upper arm comfort, hemmed in white flat lace.  They are longer than I usually make in order to complete the traditional "DK" look.  Pleated at the shoulder for a professional finish.

Two white satin bows embellish the front waist.

All seams are serged and will withstand the test of time.

The doll dress is made virtually the same way. The bodice is lined, and has 3 snap closures at the back.


Chest:  40"
Waist:  up to 35"
Shoulder to waist:  16.5
Waist to hem:  25"
Total Shoulder to Hem: 41.5" 
Shoulder to shoulder
across the back: 16"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


You can always wear a dress
that is too large,
but you cannot wear one 
that is too small.  
Check measurements, please!





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About UniKaren Designs:  Purchasing a UniKaren Design means you are getting an ORIGINAL outfit.  Since I was a teenager, I have been designing and sewing square dance outfits... it's been over 30 years now.  To this day I still have hundreds of design ideas and I look forward to seeing them come to fruition, and hope that you will continue to enjoy what I create.

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