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 Featuring: Matching Outfits

For years I have made matching shirts for Trevor.  I can easily alter the shape of the back & front yokes depending on how much fabric I have left over from the dress.


22.jpg (64555 bytes) Karen & Trevor at Sundre Festival.  

  bf.jpg (50320 bytes) Karen & Trevor at Sandpoint State Festival.

61.jpg (80530 bytes) 62.jpg (35839 bytes) 63.jpg (72709 bytes) Shocking pink & black, print has flowing ribbons throughout.
64.jpg (164250 bytes) Border print floral design with matching shirt. 65.jpg (130312 bytes) Print has deer in winter scene. 57.jpg (95086 bytes) Shocking pink & black, very colorful.
42.jpg (120816 bytes) Royal blue abstract print with solid royal, sweeping ruffle to the left waist w/ bow. 43.jpg (107295 bytes) Royal blue man's matching shirt. 50.jpg (79997 bytes) Royal blue skirt & top, skirt has divided panels.
60.jpg (139727 bytes) Green border print dress with matching shirt. av.jpg (71478 bytes) Designed for friends, matching outfit of patchwork printed fabric. 59.jpg (128190 bytes)

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