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And then there are pages in my photo album ... some from long ago... you can see how young I was when I started designing. The bottom photos are more recent but have no category.

If you want to see these as enlargements, please email me. I removed them because people STEAL my photos and put them on their own websites.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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at.jpg (28916 bytes) ar.jpg (56556 bytes) The photo on the left was taken in 1980, at the Kountry Kousins square dance club graduation.

I was the caller for the club.

21.jpg (83362 bytes) be.jpg (38851 bytes) This is us doing Rounds in Sandpoint, Idaho.
20.jpg (85517 bytes) This is my "tango" dress.  First prize in Fall Fair.  All ruffles in the front, colorful southwest print in the panels.  Fitted waist.
25.jpg (81619 bytes) This fabric is "solar", with moons & planets on it.  I designed the skirt to have a "half-moon" appearance, which could be worn front & back or on the sides.
48.jpg (119760 bytes) 51.jpg (90438 bytes) I made this for a lady who wanted something in yellow & black. The fabric features colorful butterflies.  I cut some out and made appliques on the skirt, and added them to the sleeves & center bodice with their wings free so they could flutter when she moved!

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