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"It's All White"
Asking $199 plus exact postage to anywhere.
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Frequently asked question:  Why are there no prices on your website?  Because this is not a catalog, it's simply a display of various designs I've done over the years.  Other than on this page, the "for sale" page, any dresses you see on this site are no longer available for purchase, someone already owns each one of these.  They were purchased either directly from me or through an online auction.  Most people who are familiar with my workmanship know the value of these dresses, as seen through the auction bidding process.  I base my custom order fee on the average that the dresses have sold for over the years using that process.

I have been doing custom work almost exclusively for the last almost 10 years, and rarely putting items on ebay.

My latest designs have not been included on my website TO PREVENT PLAGIARISM AND DESIGN THEFT.

Plagiarism:  The copying of another person's ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission; Text or other work resulting from this act.

For those of you who have been loyal customers for the last 10 years, you know what I am talking about.

Sorry that I cannot share my ideas on the internet anymore, there are too many vultures pouncing on my business and making UniKaren knock-offs and calling them their own.

If you would like a truly original UniKaren design, send me your request and we will negotiate directly.

Thank you for understanding. 


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