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I started making a range of frilly dresses in the Spring of 2002.  I discovered this line of clothing when I listed my first French Maid costume as a "crossdresser" outfit on eBay and several people who had been to my website suggested I continue to make the square dance outfits, only make them more frilly, shorter, lacier, with more pinks & whites.  I have enjoyed designing these pretty, frilly dresses most of all and currently cater exclusively to this market.

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I have been doing custom orders for several years.   You may submit Special Requests.
Send me pictures and design ideas, give me some creative license, and I will make you
a magnificent outfit that you will be proud to wear. 
Check on eBay for "unikaren" for outfits made on spec. 

Here is an email received June 15, 2014 from a very satisfied customer (reprinted with permission):

Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on my outfit which Iíve been meaning to do for a while now. First of all it fits perfectly on me. Itís like it was custom made just for meÖlol. Itís simple adorable and a delight to wear. Itís so feminine and pretty and I feel so extremely feminine in it. I love it so, so much! Last night I got to serve my first party in it and it was wonderful. My wife invited over a bunch of friends and I of course saw to all their needs which was a delight. The outfit was a huge hit for everyone, especially the women that attended. The guys just saw a sissy in her new dress, but the ladies were another story. They made so many comments on how pretty it was and how pretty I looked in it. They kept complimenting me on how much more of a sissy it made me look which to me is a  wonderful thing of course. I absolutely loved all the attention I got and had a great time attending to everyoneís needs. Even my wife has commented that my sissy factor rose to a new level and said I had an extra spring in my step. One of her girlfriends said on a sissy meter of 1 to 10 that I was a 12. Now my sissy meter is broken and I need a new one with a higher scaleÖlol. Karen, itís such a delightful thing to be complimented like that for me and this outfit made it happen. Thankfully my wife keeps me in chastity so there is no worry about me accidentally being a ďbadĒ little sissy girl. You truly are a master of your craft and I canít thank you enough for creating such a gorgeous outfit for me. I canít wait to serve at the next party and I hope itís very soon. God bless you for being such a wonderful and understanding person to create such wonderful things that keep little sissy girls like me happy! I very much look forward to doing business with you again, although, itís going to be extremely hard for you to top this precious outfit!  Gratefully Yours,  Sissy Cassandra

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Be My Sweetie, by Petti Pie

Was she going to a party? Was she going to a dance?
"Could I go along?", I asked, was she willing to take a chance?

I got the shock of my life when she said, "O.K. -
But, first you must agree to be my sweetie for a day."

Next came a pink bubble bath, followed by ruffled panties 'round my waist.
Floating a petticoat 'round my hips, she taught me to curtsey with no haste.

Zipping me snugly into the dress, and tying a big pretty bow,
she whispered in my ear, "It's time to go to the show!"

Where on earth could she take me?  What "show" had she meant?
Well, guess who won the Grand Prize at the Be-My-Sweetie Pageant!

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Due to the overwhelming number of outfits I've made in this line, this section has been split into categories.

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Swiss Miss
French Maid
Pinafores & Aprons
Bridal Beauty
Beauty of Simplicity
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Smilebox featuring "Tammie"

Photo courtesy of Goddess Justice and Cissy

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