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I spend more time positioning and cutting than I do constructing when using animal prints.  The first outfit is a horse theme, and on the top of the sleeve I cut out the horses and appliquéd them on, then added 3 rows of black to signify jumping rails... Check out the snakeskin & eyelet one.  That is truly unique!


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Snakeskin, Satin & Eyelet!

What a difference a day makes.  In this absolutely STRIKING outfit, you will see a huge contrast in fabrics, textures and colors.  This is a skirt and vest, featuring black satin, off-white (beige, ecru) wide eyelet, and 100% thick cotton snakeskin print.

Black satin vest with snakeskin lapel, fully lined in black.  Skirt is 8 gores with alternating panels of satin & snakeskin, with a large single-piece off-white eyelet ruffle. 

ca33.jpg (22617 bytes) Purple & Green with parrots! Beautiful in real life.

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