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Pink is my favorite colour.  It seems so flexible, because you can combine it with anything.  When making men's shirts I try avoid making them look too feminine.


This outfit incorporates silver ricrac on the top ruffle and along the bottom hem.  The matching shirt is not too floral.
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A beautiful light floral pink fabric, combined with a tone-on-tone white cotton.  Skirt is the split diagonal design seen in "favorites". Blouse had an inverted v-neck facing trimmed in pink piping, and an extra "cap" sleeve which is split and finished in the white print.  The elastic casing for the sleeve is of the pink fabric and is attached with a narrow white gathered lace.  Sleeve hem is a satin finish stitch with woolly nylon, as is the top of the extra ruffle. The ruffle is attached with a beautiful pink satin-finished white, blue & pink lace.  There is white ruffle between the diagonal seams on the skirt, which matches the sleeve casing. Elastic 1" non-roll waistband. ca28.jpg (25756 bytes)
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