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When travelling in Holland many years ago I picked up a tablecloth and apron and made a square dance outfit out of it.  That was always my favorite.  Now with the many patriotic prints available... there is so much more I can do!  


The tablecloth is turned into a skirt, using the waistband from the matching apron. I used the print from the apron to make yokes & cuffs for a shirt for Trevor. The blouse was purchased in Switzerland, and I made the vest to pick up the royal blue color.
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I designed this for my friend in Switzerland, who sent me the fabric, which represents the Swiss flag.  It's an 8-gore skirt with a single ruffle of the print, topped with an extra ruffle of white, attached with gold/white lace and trimmed with red ribbon. The top features extra puffy sleeves, split through the center with an extra 4" strip of the print, and stitched in such a way that it stays closed most of the time, but when it opens you will see the print.  There are two tiny white bows on each corner of the white ribbon on the bodice, and a red & white bow in the center front.  For you, Ursula... I hope you like it.  
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White shiny eilet contrasts this red, white & blue USA flag fabric to make a stunning statement.
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bb.jpg (50341 bytes) ba.jpg (50994 bytes) Mix-n-match, two tops and a skirt change the look of this patriotic outfit.
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This is a Louisiana State Festival outfit that I was designed as a "custom order" in June 2002.

The customer sent the fabric & patch and left me to create any style I wanted to.  


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